Sprite image guide: How to change colors powered by image.

In Justshop theme  https://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-wordpress-theme/4747148 there is a color change option in Themeoptions. Which allows you to change almost any color.

But few objects in the theme are powered by Images. If you are customising the color of the theme, you might need to change the sprite image too.

Here is the sprite image you can download.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yalpinykpeqrgco/AADdXXfNbDTyPu2mfuoepTBda?dl=0 There are 2 PSDs, 1 for normal display and other for Retina displays. To keep things simple, I recommend you work with normal display image for now. thats named as sprite-a-purple.psd

Next step to change colors in this sprite image matching with your business. As its PSD image, you will need photoshop to change the color. If you do not have photoshop, you can hire someone on fiverr.com to do it for you for $5 something. Just search for photoshop skills.

So after you have image colors changed matching to your needs. You can save the image as sprite-new.png with Transparency on.

After that, please go to wp-admin/media/addnew and upload this image. and grab its absolute path.

The absolute path of image will start with http and will end in .png.

Now please put below css code in Themeoptions/general/customcss box. 

#header.d #navigation > ul > li, 
#headline .headline-right-side .header-cart, 
.tparrows.default, .tp-bullets.simplebullets.round .bullet {
background-image: url("FULL-ABSOLUTE-URL-OF-IMAGE");

Please do not forget to put full URL of the image that we grabbed above in the code.

This will change most of the places where image is used.

If you have any questions, or if you see any other area powered by image and need css for it, please contact us so that we can update this article.