How to use other icon in Top bar social

In Plumberx theme, there are social icons in the top bar. Sometimes you might want to use any other icon that the theme contains.

Here is how you can do it.

1 ) Please go to themeoptions/footer-social and select the Placeholder1.

2) Go to and find the icon you want to use and copy its hex code. Hex code is the 4 digit code between &#x and ; sign. For example, if the code is [] for the icon, its Hex code will be f26e

3) Copy below css in Themeoptions/Customcss box

.fa-placeholder1:before {
content: "\f26e";

Please do not forget to replace placeholder1 and 4 digit code to relevant one for your icon.

To put link on it, you can enter the link for all icons separated by , (comma ) .

Please note that order of the link matters.