Giving Custom name to Projects/Services

To change Project & Service to your custom name. Please follow instructions below.

1) Make sure you are using a child theme, a blank child theme is supplied with your main themeforest download.

2) In functions.php file of child theme, please add below code.

add_filter('tt_project_cpt_args','my_custom_prj_slug', 100) ;
function my_custom_prj_slug($prj_args) {

	$prj_args['rewrite']['slug'] = 'custom-project-name' ;
 /* Change custom-project-name to your desired name*/

	return $prj_args;

3) If you want to change name for Service, use below code.

add_filter('tt_service_cpt_args','my_custom_ser_slug', 100) ;
function my_custom_ser_slug($ser_args) {

	$ser_args['rewrite']['slug'] = 'custom-service-name' ; 
/* Change custom-service-name to your desired name*/

	return $ser_args;

4) After your are done, please go to Settings -> Permalinks and save changes. Otherwise you might get 404-Not found error on single pages.